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We are the prop trading firm that empowers traders by giving them a funded trading account to earn a full-time income through our affiliate firms.

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Over the past 10 years, trader2B has built a reputation for training and recruiting thousands of traders around the world and funding them through our affiliate firms. We are a leading pop trading firm that combines trainings, challenges and automated tools to simplify your trading process and allow you to focus on full time financial freedom.

As a fintech company, our commitment is to help day traders excel and provide the tools they need to enhance their trading skills, limit their risk, and network with top traders in funding firms. Our transparent, low fees position us as one of the best proprietary trading firms in a market defined by change and disruption.

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At trader2B, we aim to help traders at any level improve their profitability through expert training, coaching, hands-on trading, cutting-edge risk management and real-time support. Our prop trading program is structured in 2 paths. You can either work your way to a prop trading account through our ToroChallenge™ program or provide solid trading record and we’ll award you with the firm’s capital to trade stocks on both the NYSE and NASDAQ. We require no deposit or capital to get you started with us.

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For any aspiring or successful trader, proprietary trading is an opportunity to trade the stock markets, and access smart day trading techniques from successful market professionals. At trader2B, we believe anyone with the right zeal and mindset can win the stock markets and achieve the high-quality lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of financial freedom

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Trader2B Is the Best Proprietary Trading Firm Online Here’s Why:

Account Analysis

Analyze your account performance with our advanced trading tools to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Modern Technology

In addition to our advance connectivity, our traders have the option to connect their API's, through our infrastructure.

No Limits!

We place no restrictions on your trading style, lot size or tradeable instruments.

Trading Apps

We support our traders with robust desktop trading platform and Mobile for best trading results.

Trade with Peace of Mind

Your success is our success. Trade without fear of losing your own savings.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our professional customer support agents are dedicated and available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to provide full assistance and answer your questions.

Remote Trading

Trade from anywhere in the world with fast internet connection and make profits in your own terms.

Lowest Fees

Not only do we offer incredibly low fees, but we also have some of the lowest on the market.

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Prop Trading | trader2B (2024)


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