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Prop firms may attract a wide range of traders by allowing them to trade with large sums of money without putting their own money at risk.

However, prop trading is only ideal for some sorts of traders.

Swing traders, in particular, may need to help locate a good prop firm since the constraints and restrictions that prop companies often have can make longer-term trading unviable.

Therefore, this blog post discusses the:

  • Best prop firms for swing traders
  • How to identify the best prop firms for swing traders
  • List of their fundamental and distinguishing features.

But first, let’s know who a swing trader is.

Who is a Swing Trader?

Swing traders are market traders who maintain positions for several days or weeks, hoping to catch a significant or colossal move.

Successful swing traders often have a limited number of large profits.

It is comparatively less stressful since it does not demand making regular deals.

Swing traders favour technical analysis, while fundamental research may be used to enhance it, mainly if they aim to catch a long-term trend.

How to Identify the Best Prop Firms for Swing Traders

The difficulty is that many prop businesses’ regulations prohibit swing trading.

Some firms may insist on closing positions before the weekend, while others may do so after each trading session.

Another common requirement is to close holdings before a critical event, such as a central bank’s monetary policy statement or the release of an essential macroeconomic report.

Such restrictions preclude maintaining positions open for an extended time, making prop companies with such regulations unsuitable for swing traders.

The simple conclusion to the above information is that a prop firm should not have the above limits to be favourable to swing trading.

It should be possible to maintain positions overnight and throughout the weekend.

It should also be possible to trade news.

Furthermore, there should be no limit on how long a position may be held open and no necessity for a minimum number of trades.

What are the Best 7 Prop Trading Firms for Swing Traders?

1. Willis Capital:

Though Willis Capital is yet to be launched, it is set to become the best prop firm every aspiring trader would love.

According to the information obtained from the company,

“Willis Capital is the prop firm enabling skilled traders to thrive with soaring profits.

We back a community of elite traders with our capital through three different challenge options:

  • SkillCheck Standard (with 2 challenges)
  • SkillCheck Expedited
  • and SwiftTrade.

Our traders get the opportunity to start making profits, right from the challenge phase, with a profit split going as high as 90%.

What’s more?

We are the first and only prop firm offering prospective traders the chance to pay in instalments for a SkillCheck Standard account with our Phased Payments Option.

Join us and start conquering the forex market with your skills and our funding.”

Owned by one of the best traders out there, popularly known as Dapo Willis, who is more like a swing trader himself, you can rest assured that his upcoming prop firm would satisfy the needs of every swing trader in the forex industry.

2. Topstep:

Topstep has garnered the trust of many swing traders because of its brand strength and reputation as an industry pioneer and one of the Inc 5000’s fastest-growing firms.

As swing traders, to be eligible for the sponsored account program, all traders must first complete the Trading Combine.

You can start a real-time simulated futures account with a $150, $200, or $300,000 purchasing power.

You can earn a funded trading account during the Trading Combine if you exhibit consistent profitability and risk management.

Topstep’s capital allows you to trade in real-time without risking your finances.


To increase performance, personalized metrics, and advice are supplied.

It assists you in understanding your performance and in growing.

You may contact skilled traders by phone, chat, WhatsApp, or email.

Traders who pass the evaluation are given a trading account on the Forex market to use the firm’s capital.


The firm does not offer bonuses, automatic trading, or other forms of passive revenue.

Their customer care is only available during specific hours on weekdays.

The rules may appear overly complicated.

3. The 5 %ers:

The5ers have appealing features for swing traders, such as fast financing and various balance alternatives.

They allow up to $4 million in growth with prolonged profit objectives, making it ideal for swing traders seeking significant returns.

The 5%ers offers a complete trading environment with freedom for news trading, a wide selection of traded products, including Forex and indices, and access to the renowned Meta Trader 5 platform.


You may utilize both Normal and Aggressive trading techniques.

All accounts have a maximum leverage of 1:100.

Profits of at least 5% to 20% of the starting account amount are possible.


Only Aggressive Models are permitted to hold transactions over the weekend.

On ProFX Accounts, your profit objective will be 10%.

4. Earn2Trade:

Earn2Trade, designed as an instructional trading platform, is a good solution for swing traders wishing to hone their trading abilities in the futures market.

They provide two financing options, the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini, through a virtual trading simulation application.

Earn2Trade differentiates with its financed trading programs, which provide accounts worth up to $400,000 at affordable rates.

Their cheap recurring expenses and customer-friendly EOD drawdown limitations make them an appealing alternative for experienced swing traders.


Simple guidelines and a one-step assessment process

Quick and Flexible Payments

No ongoing costs or extra charges

Numerous trading instruments are now accessible, and more will follow soon.

Instructional materials and trade tools with lots of resources.

Options for flexible brokerage


There are no free plans or a sample version.

5. Jane Street:

Jane Street is an excellent option for swing traders looking for prop firm investment.

They provide immediate cash, allowing swing traders to capitalize on trading opportunities.

Swing traders may synchronize their trading techniques with market dynamics by having the ability to maintain holdings over the weekend.

Jane Street provides a favourable 90% profit split, allowing swing traders to enjoy significant benefits for successful trades.

Furthermore, their capital scaling strategy, permission for experienced advisers, and fair leverage of 1:30 combine to provide an appealing package for swing traders.


Their traders and experts assist you in trading and work directly with you.

It has a quick connection to the smart-order router or the FIX protocol.

Contains various asset types at more than 200 venues across 45 countries.

ETFs, stocks, futures, commodities, bonds, currencies, and more are among their holdings.


The website only offers new traders some of the information they need.

For questions, there is no live chat help.

6. Fidelcrest:

Fidelcrest has two swing trading programs: Pro Trader and Micro Trader.

Fidelcrest caters to swing traders’ requirements by allowing swing trading on their Aggressive accounts.

Overnight, weekend and news trading are not restricted by the business.

While swing traders may like Fidelcrest’s profit split and leverage, it is essential to remember the maximum loss percentages for both Normal and Aggressive accounts.

(It is 10% for Standard accounts and up to 20% for Aggressive charges.)


Both regular and aggressive trading tactics are available.

With all accounts, the maximum leverage is 1:100.

A profit of at least 5% to 20% of the starting account amount is possible.


Aggressive Models are the only ones that permit holding trades over the weekend.

On ProFX Accounts, your 10% profit objective will be set.

7. Surgetrader:

Surgetrader is a unique platform that provides users with trading knowledge and resources.

One of the most outstanding prop trading companies, it offers clients a user-friendly interface tailored to their needs.

It was established in 2021 and offers trading in various financial products.

They support all types of trading methods and have no constraints on their style.


Offers 3-5 trade ideas daily in a 24-hour trading group on Slack and Telegram.

Weekly live webinars and trading sessions.

Free 30-day subscription to BKForex, led by trading professionals.


You can do business on weekends as well.

For every transaction, a stop-loss is necessary.

You are only permitted to withdraw once per 30 days.


Finding the best prop firms for swing traders requires careful consideration of trading restrictions and the opportunities the firms offer.

Swing traders seek flexibility and extended holding periods, making firms like Topstep, The5ers, Earn2Trade, Jane Street, Fidelcrest, and Surgetrader the best options.

Each offers unique features like varied leverage, profit splits, and trading environments.

Success as a swing trader ultimately depends on aligning your strategy with a prop firm that accommodates your trading style and goals.


Can You Swing Trade with Prop Firms?

YES! Swing trading is possible with prop companies. Many prop trading companies cater to swing traders and give them the tools, cash, and resources they need to execute swing trades successfully.

Who is the Most Profitable Swing Trader?

The most successful swing trader might change over time, and this assessment is subjective. Swing traders’ success is based on their unique approaches, expertise, and market circ*mstances.

10 Best Prop Firms For Swing Trading Success (2023) - Learnforexwithdapo (2024)


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