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I I SPOILS i 10A Saturday. February 4. 2017 www.selmatimesxxjrnalcom Morgan cant keep up with Glenwood Photos by Daniel Evans jTmes-Jcxmal SAYING THANK YOU; Dallas County High School held a special ceremony for boys basketball coach Wilie Moore during halfome of Friday night's win over West Bloctoa Aboe, Moore is given one of many hugs he received on the njght from former players, co-workers and friends. Below, Moore recetves signed posters from he players. THANKS COACH DC wins, holds ceremony to honor Moores career By Daniel Evans The Selma Tmes-Joumal An incredible bounce back season by the Morgan Academy toys ended Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Alabama Independent School Association basketball tournament.

The Senators, seeded eighth, lost to Glenwood Academy 68-34 in a game that wasnt close from the onset. Morgan was led by Hardin Utsey, who scored 7 points. Even with the loss, Morgan had quite a season. The Senators finished last in their area last season, but won class AAA, area 2 this year. The team also overcame a 3-8 start to the year.

They played great in the area and that was a meaningful championship that they won in our area, said Morgan Academy coach Lee Tate. They all agreed with that, were proud of that and they were glad to be area champs. Seniors Caleb Pitts and Terrence Wilson scored 2 points apiece in their final basketball games in a Senators uniform. Although losing both players will leave a void, every other Senators player returns next year, so the future is looking bright. Theyve got a lot to look forward to, Tate said.

Theres going to be some good basketball played on West Dallas Avenue the next couple of years. TUSCALOOSA 80, MEADOWVIEW 58 (BOYS) Garrett Grantham scored 19 points in his final home game, but Meadowview couldnt keep up with Tuscaloosa Christian in an 80-58 loss. Jeremy Lee scored 17 points and senior Sam Dabit chipped in 1 1 for the Trojans 1 1-6). Meadowviews next game will be in Oxford in the Alabama Christian Athletic Association quarterfinals. SOUTHSIDE 54, AL JOHNSON 42 (GIRLS) Sharita Benjamin scored 17 points as Southside topped A.L.

Johnson on Friday night. Kylan Brown had 8, Kionah Page 7 and Christina Watts 7 for the Panthers (12-12). The Panthers will play Montevallo Tuesday in the first round of the class 3 area 5 tournament at Montgomery Academy. By Daniel Evans The Selma Times-Journal PLANTERSVILLE They say a coach touches hundreds of lives, especially one that stays on the sidelines for decades. On Friday night, longtime Dallas County head coach Willie Moore got to see firsthand how many lives hes touched through 22 years of coaching.

Dallas County High School honored Moore on Friday night and many in the community came out to say thank you, take pictures and reminisce about old stories with a man they looked up to. Moore announced earlier this week that this will be his last year coaching athletics. Hell focus on the administrative side of his career from here on out and let others do the coaching. During halftime of the Hornets 79-41 win over West Blocton the school that gave Moore his first coaching position principal Todd Reece led a ceremony honoring the basketball coach. Reece asked for anyone who had played for Moore to join them on the floor and much of center court ended up being covered by former athletes from several generations.

Thats pretty special to me. That means as much as winning that state championship, Moore said, while looking up at the schools 2014 state championship banner. We only have 15 players and so many coaches and so many managers that won the championship but to see tonight that I touched so many lives and they feel they need to come see me. It means the world to me. The special night was set up by the perfect regular season finale, pitting Moore up against West Blocton, where he coached from 1995-1997.

He also coached at Bibb County High, which is just down the road from West Blocton in Centreville, so many from both schools made the short trip to Plantersville to honor him. There were several players that I coached at West Blocton that have sons that are playing for West Blocton, so that just made it that much sweeter for me, Moore said. Like many of Moores games in Plantersville, Fridays contest was one-sided. West Blocton went on an 11-0 run in the first the same game ball because we are what 1 0, 1 1 -0 at home with that one game balk We are going to play with that on Tuesday without a doubt. The Hornets will host the class 5A, area 6 tournament on Tuesday in Plantersville.

Theyll host Marbury in the first round, the first of seven potential games left for Moores basketball career. If my career ended tonight, Id be happy. Id like to win another championship but I wont ciy if we dont because I had a fulfilling career here, Moore said. DALLAS COUNTY 41, WEST BLOCTON 9 (GIRLS) Dallas County jumped out to a 13-0 lead and outscored West Blocton by 23 in the third quarter in a 41-9 victory. The Hornets were led by Jamerah Smith, who scored 14 points.

JKierra Peterson made two 3-pointers and joined Smith in double figures with 10 points. Seniors Alexus Woodson, Tyneshia Jones, Jamerah Smith and Alexis Goodwin were all honored after the game. Dallas County will play Marbury at Calera in the first round of the class 5A, area 6 tournament on Monday. quarter and took an 1 1-8 lead, but Dallas County regained the lead quickly and didnt look back. Moores moment was the highlight of the night, but it was also senior night and the Hornets came to play.

The team used a lull court press to put the pressure on the Tigers ball handlers and it worked to produce easy points. We had a lot of nervous energy and I was worried my players were going to come out a little flat due to the emotional factor. To really get them going, we decided to pick up the tempo, Moore said. Seniors Floyd Crusoe, Mario Simmons, Kedrick Wilson, Quincy Parker, Kachavious Dudley, Demerius Jones and Josh Benford all scored in Fridays win. The seven seniors combined to score 62 of Dallas Countys 79 points and Wilson led the way with 2 1 After the game, Moore ran down a child who had taken off with the game ball.

Many looking on probably assumed that he wanted it so that he could have it as a keepsake, but that want the case at all. Thats the game ball and thats one we always play with, Moore said with a laugh. I can say Im a little bit superstitious. I want to play with EDITOR'S NOTE: Please call (334) 4 IQ-1736 to report results from your local games. Come Take A Ride Today! 0ftE-ST SHAM, At 1406, East Highland Ave.

1800,880.2330 i.

The Selma Times-Journal from Selma, Alabama (2024)


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