Prop Trading Firms with Real Capital - Forex Prop Reviews (2024)

Prop Trading Firms with Real Capital - Forex Prop Reviews (2)Prop Trading Firms with Real Capital - Forex Prop Reviews (3)

Proprietary trading firms offer traders a chance to work with more significant amounts of funds without having to risk their own capital. However, prop firms have different funding options. Some offer real capital, while others provide simulated virtual capital where trades get copied to the firm’s live trading account.

You can see which prop firms offer real capital in the spreadsheet below:

Proprietary Trading FirmProvided with Real Capital
E8 Markets
Alpha Capital Group
Audacity Capital
Axe Trader
Blue Guardian
City Traders Imperium
Crypto Fund Trader
Direct Funded Trader
Finotive Funding
Forex Capital Funds
Funded Trading Plus
Funding Pips
Glow Node
Goat Funded Trader
Lux Trading Firm
Ment Funding
Smart Prop Trader
The Funded Trader
The Trading Pit
Top One Trader
TopTier Trader

You can check complete reviews for the proprietary trading firms listed above by clicking here.

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Prop Trading Firms with Real Capital - Forex Prop Reviews (2024)


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