How much does a prop firm pay you? (2024)

The most common structure. Traders get a percentage, typically between 60-80%, of the profits they generate. The prop firm keeps the remaining percentage. This motivates traders to be as profitable as possible.

How much does a prop firm pay you? (1)

How much does a propfirm pay you ?

Ever wondered how much prop firms actually paytheir traders? If you're considering joining a prop trading firm, you'reprobably curious about the potential compensation. The truth is, it can varywidely based on the firm and your own performance. At some firms, topperformers can make well into the six figures, while others may earn moremodest salaries.

A lot comes down to how much profit you're ableto generate through your trading. Most prop firms operate on a "profitsplit" model, meaning you get a percentage of the profits from yoursuccessful trades. The more you trade and the more you win, the bigger yourpaycheck can be. Some firms also offer bonuses and benefits for their topproducers.

Of course, there is a lot of risk involved too.If you have a bad month or quarter and lose money, your compensation will takea hit. There are no guarantees in the world of prop trading. But for ambitioustraders willing to take a chance, prop firms can be very lucrative. The potentialto earn a big payday is what continues to attract new talent to these firms.

So if you have the skills and appetite forrisk, prop trading may be worth considering. At the very least, you'll want togo in with realistic expectations about how much you can make and how volatileyour pay may be. But who knows, if you prove yourself, the sky could be thelimit!

Top Forex Prop Firms Reviews

So you want to trade forex for a living, huh?Well, one of the best ways to do that is by joining a prop firm. Prop firms, orproprietary trading firms, employ traders to trade the firm’s capital. Inexchange, they’ll pay you a percentage of the profits you generate.

Some of the top forex prop firms are:

-Maverick Trading-Maverick Tradingprovide new andexperienced forex traders and provide a trading platform, capital, andtraining. Traders keep up to 80% of profits. To join, you’ll need to pass theirevaluation and pay a one-time membership fee.

-TopstepFX -TopstepFXis known for their funded trader program. If you pass their evaluation,you get a trading account with up to $150K in buying power. Keep up to 80% ofprofits and get paid monthly. There are subscription fees for their program,but no profit sharing until you’re funded.

-FTMO - FTMOprovides forex traders up to $100K in funding with 80% profit sharing. Theyhave a multi-tier evaluation process to get funded, but no upfront fees.Traders get paid out profits each month.

The compensation at prop firms varies buttypically ranges from 60-80% of the profits you generate, as long as you meetcertain risk limits. If you’re looking to make trading forex a full-time job,prop firms could be an ideal solution. They provide the capital and tools youneed to trade, you just have to pass their evaluation, follow the rules, andgenerate consistent profits. With the right firm and the right skills, you canearn a very good living as a proprietary forex trader.

Funded Trader Programs and Competitions

When you trade for a prop firm, there are a fewways they may compensate you. The most common are funded trader programs andtrading competitions.

Funded Trader Programs

Prop firms offer funded trader programs wherethey provide you capital to trade. In exchange, they take a percentage of yourprofits. The percentages vary but are often 50-70% to the trader. The moreprofits you generate, the higher your payout. Some programs start you with atrial period to prove yourself, then increase your funding and payouts overtime as you hit profit targets.

Trading Competitions

Prop firms frequently hold trading competitionsto scout new talent. If you win or place highly, you can earn a funded tradingaccount. The prizes vary but may include anything from $5,000 to $100,000 intrading capital and the chance to keep a large portion of the profits. Some firmsoffer additional prizes like trading software, courses, or mentorships.

Competitions typically last 2 weeks to 6months. You're given a demo account to trade as profitably as possible. Thetraders with the highest returns at the end win. While risky, competitions arean opportunity for new traders to get noticed and land a position where theyhave a real shot at success.

With the potential to profit from trading andgain valuable experience, prop firm programs and competitions are attractivefor new traders. If you have the skills, it could be how you launch your careeras a trader.

Payout Structures at Leading Prop Firms

Prop firms typically have a few common payoutstructures for traders:

-Percentage of Profits: The most commonstructure. Traders get a percentage, typically between 60-80%, of the profitsthey generate. The prop firm keeps the remaining percentage. This motivatestraders to be as profitable as possible.

-Salary + Bonus: Some prop firms pay a basesalary, then provide bonuses based on a trader's performance and profits. Thesalary provides stability while the bonuses incentivize good trading. Bonusesare often a percentage of profits, similar to the percentage of profits model.

Fully Funded: A few leading prop firms fullyfund trader accounts and simply take a percentage of profits, often 50% ormore. This allows traders to focus solely on trading without worrying aboutlosses. However, the prop firm takes a larger portion of profits in exchangefor absorbing all losses and costs.

The payout structure a prop firm offers dependson their business model and risk tolerance. More stable structures likesalaries provide security for traders but potentially limit upside. Percentageof profits models provide the most potential upside but also the most risk.Fully funded accounts are appealing but often come with the steepest profitsharing for the firm.

In the end, you need to evaluate the pros andcons of different payout structures based on your own trading style, skills,and risk preferences. The right prop firm and payout model for you will alignwith your goals and needs as a trader.

Maximizing Your Earnings Potential with a PropFirm

To maximize your earnings as a prop trader, youneed to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. Prop firmstypically pay traders in multiple ways:

Base Salary

Most prop firms offer traders a base salary tocover living expenses. This ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 per year for newtraders. The base pay allows you to focus on trading without worrying aboutpaying bills. Some firms require you to pay back a portion of your base if youleave within a certain time period, often 6-18 months.

Profit Sharing

The real money comes from profit sharing. Propfirms allow traders to keep a large portion of the profits they generate, often50-80% or more. The more you trade and the more profitable you are, the moreyou can earn. Top performers at major firms can make $200,000-$500,000 per yearor even over $1 million.

Maximize your profit sharing by:

-Focusing on a niche where you have an edge,such as a particular sector, asset class or trading strategy. Become an expert.

-Taking calculated risks and looking for goodopportunities. Don't be afraid to take a loss if your analysis is sound. Learnfrom your losses.

-Continuously improving your skills throughpractice, education and mentorship. Successful traders never stop learning.

-Asking your firm for more capital to tradeonce you have a proven track record. The more you trade, the more you can make.But don't overleverage yourself.

-Considering moving to a firm with a higherpayout once you gain experience. Some firms pay significantly more than others.But also consider job stability and work environment.

Prop trading can be very lucrative if you havethe skills and mindset to succeed. Keep honing your craft, maximize theopportunities given to you, and your earnings potential is huge. With hardwork, you can achieve financial freedom through prop trading.


Well, there you have it. An intro into how muchprop firms pay and what you can expect compensation-wise if you land a gig atone of these firms. The pay can vary quite a bit based on the firm, your role,experience, and skills. But in general, you're looking at a base salary of $50Kto $200K or more for the top performers. Then add in bonuses and you could takehome a pretty penny. The lifestyle isn't for everyone but if you've got thedrive and mental toughness to handle the long hours and high pressure, proptrading may be a lucrative career path worth considering. At the least, you'llgain valuable experience that will serve you well no matter what direction yourcareer takes you. But who knows, get in at the right firm and play your cardsright, and you just might find yourself as one of the top earners raking inseven figures. Stranger things have happened.

How much does a prop firm  pay you? (2024)


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