Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me Free Financial Help Paying Bills (2024)

Top Paying Plasma Donation Centers.Plasma is the most significant portion of human blood. It has antibodies that are responsible for fighting off infection. Blood components of plasma contain proteins that develop medicines to counterlife-threatening diseases.

The plasma supply sometimes needs to be longer. According to Grifols director of corporate affairs, Vlasta Hakes, it could take up to 1,300 donations to produce sufficient therapy for treating a patient for one year. So if you are considering donating, there are plasma centers where you can receive compensation that exceeds other centers. Here they are!


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Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

Various donation centers pay different amounts of cash to donors. This section covers the highest-paying plasma centers you will come across. How much money you make when you donate plasma will depend on several factors. That may include your weight and where you live. The more you weigh, the more blood plasma can be collected, meaning higher pay.

1. CSL Plasma

This plasma center has more than 270 donation centers all around the world. They have varying donation promotions and rates, making them a top choice among donors.

How will CSL Plasma Pay for the First Visit?

Most CSL plasma donation centers will remunerate the donor around $50 during the first visit. This may reduce after the first appointment, though. However, you will discover various offers that give donors a bonus for regularly donating to this center.

Exact rates may differ at different centers depending on the number of people and location. Remember that the more successful a donation center is, the more bonuses and higher pay to donors.

2. BioLife Plasma Services

The firm has several locations in 35 states. BioLife Plasma is among the highest-paying donation centers. It allows donors to donate their plasma for some cash and have its centers in college towns. Here plasma donation services are popular, especially for under-funded students.

Even though a newcomer in the plasma donation industry, BPL plasma is among the high-paying donation centers. The company has covered nine states but offersgood money to donorseven though its promotions are limited due to its size.

How much does this Company Pay?

Donors can rake up to $300 every month from the company from referral fees, monthly promotions, and donation costs. The company will pay you about $20 to $60 for every donation. However, that will depend on various factors, such as referrals and weight.

3. Biotest Plasma

Biotest is another plasma donation center where you can earn good money. The company has a lucrative base pay, so many people love them.

How much does Biotest Plasma Pay?

The company pays donors between $30 and $45 for every donation. First-timers can easily make $50 during the first five appointments; from then onwards, there is a 10-day plan. Even though the promotions here are limited,donors can still make more cash. With this company, you can donate even ten times a month.

4. GCAM Plasma

GCAM Plasma gathers and holds plasma for distribution to pharmaceutical companies to use in research to develop new disease treatments.

How Much Does GCAM Pay?

$25 – $30 for each visit.


It operates multiple facilities across the US and is one of the top-paying plasma donation centers in San Antonio and other areas in Texas, California, Washington, Idaho, and Indianapolis.

How Much Money do you Get for Donating Plasma

5. Immunotek Bio Centers

Immunotekdedicates the collection of plasma for various life-saving treatments and therapies. They are an FDA-licensed facility.

How Much do they Pay?

You can receive up to $30 per visit.

6. Interstate Blood Bank

The Interstate Blood Bank, Inc.. laboratory collects blood plasma. It is shipped to the diagnostic and therapeutic industries. This blood bank has locations across Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.

How Much Do They Pay?

As much as $50 per visit

7. Kedplasma

Kedplasma uses plasma to create new therapies for immune deficiencies, hemophilia, cancer, and other blood conditions.

How Much Does Kedplasma Pay?

This company pays donors $50 for the initial visit, $75 for your follow-up visit, and $50 for subsequent visits. Payments may be different depending on the plasmacenter location.


Donating plasma is a noble thing to do. Blood drives given by the Red Cross do not pay anything. However, the blood centers above can compensate you for your time. Come prepared with all the proper documents like Proof of address, Current I.D photo, and Social Security card.

This will help your appointment go smoothly. Remember to drink lots of water to make it easier to draw your blood. Once you go through the process or become a regular donator, the process is much easier. But, you will be tested before each visit to ensure you are healthy enough to give blood and have no transmissible illnesses.

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me Free Financial Help Paying Bills (2024)


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