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Ok some of you know I've been spending more time in Reddit finding more people who are more like me; music lovers who are also readers and thinkers about the format. Of course it's not perfect, Spotify still tends to rule the playlist posts; but that tends to be today's format. I was attracted into a Sub-Reddit Country Music, though I was a little cautious because I didn't consider myself a modern country fan. The sub is more mixed Americana so I've been enjoying finding new music. Cari Lacey was one of them, and the poster's enthusiasm pushed me to buy her music in Apple and not wait until she figures out Bandcamp. Cari does have a website, IG but her Facebook is not a fan page so it's more difficult to tag her at this point. I do love to find true up and coming musicians; and she's got a great Americana sound with interesting lyrics (no systematic country lyrics here). Her seven song album had many songs that sparked my curiosity for a playlist; "Top Shelf" I found three other Shelf songs; "Louisiana" fits into my States playlists, and while "Sweet Virginia" does too it's kind of a double meaning with a women's name. That's what brings us to a 15 song playlist that again is very eclectic and shakes off some cobwebs from musicians that I should listen to more. Here we go: (Yes I probably should consider this the 4th edition of states playlists)

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1) Sweet Virginia - Cari Lacey

Cari's album is sweet for it's simplicity and gentle electric lead with counter fiddle; it allows for easy listening to the lyrics. This song takes you for walk outside in Virginia and you can hear the love and thankfulness.

2) Virginia - Christine Kane

Like I said earlier, when I saw Christine's music will be added to the playlist I was excited. This time Virginia is floating in a beautiful scene; I miss Christine putting out new music.

3) Don't Hang up Virginia - Porter & the Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes

I own the late Chris Porter's music because of the Whitmore Sisters, and here's he's on the phone to sweet Virginia.

4) East Virginia - Von Stomper

This starts three versions of the traditional song, but Von Stomper is no traditional sound with Luke on the lead vocal and the mix has a great electric guitar lead, banjo, harmonica to go with bar sounding harmony vocals. Toss in a jam and a screaming vocal at the end, and you have the defunct grunge Americana 2014 sound that I've come to love.

5) East Virginia - Wandering Ramblers

Great Appalachian cover of the same song from a group that Riley Calcagno recommended. (Note this song will not be the YouTube playlist at the end)

6) East Virginia Blues - Michael Johnathon

Same song, but Michael slows it down and does it like Pete Seeger. I have this on a sampler cd so I'm not that familiar with his music and he's not in Bandcamp. This song does make me want to find more.

7) Going Down to Virginia - Mike Berry

I traded for a copy of this 1972 album, and love when it shows up in my playlists.

8) Tell Me Virginia - Billy Joe Shaver

I sold this album for $80 to a fan, but of course I imported it before I let it go.

9) Virginia - National Park Radio

We're going to get a chance to see NPR this year at the Rocky Mtn Folks Fest, so again I was happy to see their song come up for the playlist. Virginia is a mother of hope in this song.

10) Virginia Avenue - Tom Waits

Yes Virginia, Tom had this song on his famous "Closing Time" album.

11) West Virginia Rain - The Wildwoods

So sweet, boy I loved seeing this group recently at the Pump House recently and YES the video of their cover of Dylan's "Don't Think Twice it's Alright" has gone viral and is way over 4k in views. For me, that's a lot. (They should put out a studio version of this and pay Bob the royalties they own it now.)

Sweet live video here too, and it has over 14k in views ... note a lot of other people love them too.

12) West Virginia Waltz - Sierra Ferrell

Keeping in West Virginia, Sierra waltzes you around the room. I love how she says Virginia.

Since she had to cancel her Big Top concert that I had tickets for, I love when I can get a live video of her too.

13) Your Sweet Virginia - Irondequoit Dodge

In the lucky Taylor Swift 13th position is a song that came from a private release and more of their music is in Bandcamp here. Luckily it's out live in YouTube

14) West Virginia - Kelley McRae

I bought this album through Kickstarter but most of Kelley's music is in Bandcamp here. She is a favorite in this blog, this being her tenth appearance.

15) East Virginia Blues - Bob Dylan & Earle Scruggs

Let's wrap it up with the fourth cover of this song, and leave it to Bob to sneak it out in a Bootleg series. The YouTube playlist will have two videos, the live cut on the album and this wonderful live recording.

Sweet Virginia, here's the one click YouTube Playlist!

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DBT #289 Sweet Virginia (2024)


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